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Katrina Kaif Reacts to Merry Christmas Box Office Collection and Working with Sriram Raghavan

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif recently opened up about her latest film, “Merry Christmas,” and the underwhelming response it has received at the box office. Despite the film’s lukewarm performance, the actress revealed that she signed the movie focusing on the storyline rather than its box office potential. In an interview, Kaif expressed that she always tries to focus on her work and not get distracted by the end result. She emphasized that when the film came to her, she instantly connected with the story and decided to take on the role of Maria, a mysterious character in the movie.

The film, which saw a drop in box office earnings in its second week, earned ₹0.52 crore on Friday, January 20th, leading to a total of ₹14.75 crore in its first week of release. However, Kaif remains optimistic about the film’s collection trends and expects a rise in the box office numbers in the coming weeks.

In addition to discussing the film’s performance, Kaif shared her experience of working with director Sriram Raghavan, stating that it has been one of the most gratifying moments of her career. She expressed her admiration for Raghavan’s work and his ability to bring out a different side of her as a performer in “Merry Christmas,” a role that has garnered some of her best reviews ever.

Opinion: Despite the underwhelming response at the box office, Katrina Kaif’s decision to focus on the storyline of “Merry Christmas” rather than its potential performance showcases her dedication to her craft. Her emphasis on staying present and connected to the character she portrays reflects a mature approach to her work and an understanding that the true value of a film lies in its storytelling and the impact it leaves on the audience, rather than just its box office numbers.

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