Nicola Foster and Jessica Walker are raising awareness about swimming, they want to save the country’s dilapidated swimming pool

London’s Nicola Foster and Jessica Walker are known as the Lido Ladies. Lido means ‘open swimming pool’. Nicola and Jessica, 56, who spend their time away from the Internet and the world of mobile, inspire people to swim. Lido’s culture is slowly coming to an end in London. Both of these women are trying to save him. The two also teach swimming together.

“I want to make people aware of the mental and physical benefits of swimming,” said Nicole Foster. Currently, there are many swimming pools that are on the verge of closing due to financial problems. We know a lot of people who, like us, consider swimming to be their favorite exercise. They also prefer swimming for peace of mind. Many swimming pools are closed due to the epidemic so many children cannot learn to swim.

Both women want as many people in Britain as possible to learn to swim and make it a life long activity. If we don’t save the dilapidated swimming pool, they will not survive. The whole world needs to stay healthy in the Corona epidemic, swimming is the perfect activity to stay healthy and happy.