Fliptate: The brain tickling tile puzzler

Get ready to Exercise your Brain! Fliptate is a mobile challenging, puzzle game developed by Maja Bendevska. The game is available from the App Store and Google Play.


The game starts off with squares that are broken down into fours tiles. These tiles sport different colors. To complete the puzzle, players must tap or double to match the color tiles. There’s a small tutorial that players can go back to incase they need a refresher. At level 25, the game introduces a new mechanic. This time, players can swipe to flip the color tiles. While the mechanic is necessary to some puzzles, I have been able to figure out the puzzles without using the new mechanic. However, I will say that there is a nice balance between flipping the tiles, taping, and double taping.

Players have to figure out the puzzle on their own. There’s no figure to go off of. Some puzzles are relatively easy to figure out while others have taken me more than a couple of minutes to complete. With 100 different puzzles, there is guaranteed fun and head scratching.

While the games does give players the option to mute the sound effects, during my play through, there weren’t any sounds featured. I made sure the volume was up and even tried it with headphones but I didn’t get any sound. It’s not exactly off putting to me simply because sometimes, I like to pay without the sound but to some, it might turn them away.

There are some ads in the game but they only pop up after one or two puzzles. Personally, the only issue I had with this is that the same ad always appeared. I would like some variety in the ads.

Color wise, the game had a very appearing color palette. With its black background, the game made it easier to keep playing for me and didn’t strain my eyes. The background doesn’t distract or make it harder to play. In fact, it makes it much easier. While some tiles were bright ones, there was a nice contrast to the screen that didn’t distract from the gameplay.

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Download Fliptate:

Developer: Maja Bendevska
Price: Free

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Support Maja Bendevska & Fliptate:

Twitter: @FliptateGame
Facebook: /Fliptate
Instagram: /FliptateGame

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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