Day 81 – Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Hereos

Open the gateways between worlds, Heroes at your side. Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series is now reimagined for smart devices. Fight battles customised for touch screens and on-the-go gameplay. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes’ skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—Fire Emblem Heroes is like nothing you’ve seen before!

The fantasy-RPG genre is definitely one of the most popular on handheld consoles. This could be due to the recent surge in mainstream animé and that style of art has carried over into these games. Fire Emblem Heroes is a game like this that originated on DS, and the mobile port makes that apparent with its quality and quantity.

 The game’s mechanics are relatively conventional, with turn-based combat and dialogue to fill in the story in between. There are also some cinematic cut-scenes which truly enable the game to show off its graphical capability. I enjoyed the combat because it did feel like I had to do things correctly in order to win rather than just ordering my heroes to kill the enemies with one swoop. The triangle of combat types (akin to rock, paper, scissors) is a simple concept, but it does make for formidable enemies and tougher fights.

The graphics are good with the animé style during cutscenes but the combat parts are where the graphics shine less, with a boring pixelated look. The soundtrack fits the fantasy theme perfectly and provides plenty of excitement. There are many different levels and a surprisingly intriguing story which is sure to keep you playing for a while.

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Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes
Price: Free+

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