Day 80 – Four Letters

In Four Letters you make 4 letter words as quickly as you can. Once time runs out, have another go! I did. And I loved it.

Four Letters is similar to Scrabble, with the player having to make a word out of, surprisingly: four letters. As soon as you make the word, a new set of letters appear, and repeat the process. Whilst this is a simple concept, it offers a surprisingly unique and fresh take on the genre.

What makes this game so fun is that it often leaves you kicking yourself when you lose and find that the word was literally right in front of your nose all along. The fast-paced nature of this game is great, and with no pauses between words I often get the answer at the very last moment which gives me a thrill I would never normally experience from a word-based game. This game would definitely be great to play alongside a friend due to its competitive nature.

One issue I do have is that there isn’t really anything else to it other than the main game. There is a dictionary you could attempt to fill with every four letter word in existence, however this and some achievements is really not enough variety.

The graphics are nothing special however are clean, and good, with a great and colourful design making play feel elegant and sophisticated. Accompanied with a smart, orchestral soundtrack, the game truly feels like enhanced learning.

Overall, this game is great for getting your brain juices flowing and can offer a great energy boost with its adrenaline fuelled moments of panic. And if I could summarise this game with one sentence, I would say: LEARNING IS FUN!

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Download Four Letters:

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Four Letters
Four Letters
Developer: PikPok
Price: Free+

Editors Note: Not sure what the ’90 Day Challenge’ is all about? Take a read of this blog post, and all will become clearer. 

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