Day 78 – Galaxy Storm: Galaxia Invader

Defend Earth from the alien invaders as they attack, zig zag and dive-bomb the player. Collect bonus power-ups and use them to destroy the attacking swarm of aliens in Galaxy Storm.

True gaming popularity originated in the arcades of the 80s, with people scavenging for any leftover coins they could find in order to play some of their favourite games, like PacMan or Space Invaders. Galaxy Storm makes a great effort at recapturing the joy of simple, but addictive arcade games, itself based on the old Namco game Galaxian. However, this perfect replica has led to an imperfect game.

It seems that Gazzaper Games have tried so hard to recreate the original Galaxian that they have in turn taken the bugs and annoyances of that game (as expected in the 80s) into this one. While this could have been done on purpose to give that true nostalgic frustration, I find myself too angry to even continue playing.

The mechanics of the game are simple: a button to move left, a button to move right, and a button to shoot. Firstly, the movement buttons are tiny and slap bang next to each other, which makes things cramped and also makes missing the buttons with my fingers very easy. Also the ‘auto-fire’ button makes the game a lot easier, and almost ruins the fun of trying to time your shots perfectly.

The graphics are perfect at providing the classic, pixelated feel but as expected, there is nothing groundbreaking on display there. The soundtrack is also mediocre, with a repetitive spacey tune that does become annoying after a while.

Overall this game is good for some cheap fun, however it becomes too frustrating after a short while and this is down to the layout of the controls. This game is clearly not suited to the mobile platform.

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