Day 65 – MARVEL Avengers Academy

Sometimes simple games are the best, and the strategy genre requires the least amount of effort. After the successes of building-placing games like Clash of Clans and Simpsons: Tapped Out, many other companies have tried to create their own versions, centered around their own characters and properties. Welcome to MARVEL Avengers Academy.

It’s a charming and exciting entry into that category, and is great at showcasing just what so many people love about superheroes. As well as building up their academy, the player gets to add heroes to their roster as they rank up and progress, which is something that encouraged me to keep coming back to the game, the hope of obtaining that next hero. While there are many heroes un-lockable for free, the game is heavy on in-app purchases, with frequent pop-ups being an issue.

Along with a long line of story quests for the player to get through, there are also frequent ‘events’ available that last for four weeks, and are playable once the player reaches a certain level. These offer new, free, un-lockable characters for the player to recruit and often tie-in cross-media to another Marvel property, be it the new Spider-Man film, for example. The one problem with these updates is that each one adds an extra 100 or so megabytes of data the game’s storage, in turn making the game run slower. It can often become extremely laggy and hard to perform simple actions because of this, which is a problem.

The game has good graphics and the designs for both characters and buildings are extremely well done. Another thing that adds to the fun of the heroes is each one’s unique voice lines, really capturing their heroic spirit.

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Download MARVEL Avengers Academy:

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MARVEL Avengers Academy
MARVEL Avengers Academy
Developer: TinyCo, Inc.
Price: Free+

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