Day 61 – Transformers Forged to Fight

Calling all Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons and Maximals! Join the fight in Transformers Forged to Fight, battling it out across the Transformers universe.

If you’re a mega-fan of the Transformers franchise, then this is a game for you. With the opening cutscene paying homage to the original comic books featuring well known and loved characters, it is clear that this game wants to remain faithful to the franchise and fans alike. With a wide variety of characters to choose from, the fights never get boring. Each character has their own unique set of moves and ‘alt-form’ which is especially interesting as it captures the most exciting element of the Transformers – transforming.


The tutorial is a manageable length, however much like other games the player is forced to perform certain actions rather than being given free control over their characters. This is something that normally turns me off a game, however the desire to collect each and every ‘bot’ is the clear driving force behind keeping me and most likely, the majority of players in the game. You’ll be grinding through levels to earn currency to spend on upgrades in no time.

I experienced very little lag and fewer crashes which is good great. The game features similar mechanics to most mobile fighting games, with taps and swipes on either side of the screen deciding how the character moves and hits. For a game released only a few months ago, the graphics are sub standard, especially from a large studio like Kabam from who you would expect something better. When compared to Marvel Champions, again from Kabam, but released three years ago, it does beg the question, considering Transformers Forged to Fight was released just a few months ago, why are the graphics not of the same level? Either way, I definitely recommend Transformers Forged to Fight to any fans of the franchise.  

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TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
Developer: Kabam
Price: Free+

Editors Note: Not sure what the ’90 Day Challenge’ is all about? Take a read of this blog post, and all will become clearer. 

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