Day 54 – Bandicoot Runner

I decided to take a look at Bandicoot Runner after hearing all the  hype around the release of a remastered Crash Bandicoot. Made sense to take a look at least one of the clone games available in the Google Play Store.  I thought it would be worth downloading a game relative.

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This is 1 of 13 Crash Bandicoot runner games and allows you to jump, roll and kick your way through enemies and collecting woompa fruit. Players take the role of Crash Bandicoot who, upon being caught in the act of tagging a metro railway site, must run down the tracks to escape the Inspector and his animals . As the Bandicoot runs, you’ll grab red apples out of the air while simultaneously dodging collisions with railway cars and other objects. You can also jump on top of the trains to evade capture.

There were a number of issues with the game however. Firstly, it seems no matter how many times I perfectly timed my kick or spin attacks, the moment I came into contact with an enemy, I died. Are you able to defeat enemies in the game? I don’t know. The stores description doesn’t tell me. The other big problem with Bandicoot Runner is that adverts pop up whilst you are in the middle of a level… in a game like this, that is the WORSE place to put them. I wasn’t able to deal with them and it killed my run every time. Poor implementation of adverts. 

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Download Bandicoot Runner:

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Editors Note: Not sure what the ’90 Day Challenge’ is all about? Take a read of this blog post, and all will become clearer. 

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