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Derek must truly believe we hate him as it seems we may have sent him another duff game to take a look at. Check out his quick look video below of the new Fidget Spinner; Journey of Secrets game from We’ll warn you, Derek doesn’t hold back…

This game is …umm well it’s basically a fidget spinner on your phone. I don’t really know what else to say about it other than it’s a fidget spinner game where you cannot physically hold a fidget spinner, you tap the screen or swipe it and the spinner spins. If you spin it enough you get another spinner. That’s good, right? Yay then, I think… Personally I think if you want to play with a fidget spinner you should probably splash out the couple of bucks get a real one and just enjoy it. This just has no real redeeming features. Not even the AR could save it and the VR option is just pointless.

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