Developed and published by indie studio Kiragan Games, Shapeless is an addicting, shape-merging, puzzle game for IOS and Android. There are no notable in-app purchases.

Kiragan Games, Shapeless

Shift the board to merge similar shapes to create new figures until there are no more spaces. At first, shifting the entire board took some getting use to and I had to restart on multi occasions. However, it didn’t take me long to adapt to the mechanics. Luckily, the game also shows what shape is next in line to appear and that makes it a bit easier. As you merge shapes, you score increases. At the end of each try, your score is displayed and each time, your best score also increases. However, this gets challenging after a while. Not every playthrough guarantees that you’re going to beat your high score.

The game sports vibrant backgrounds with each try. During gameplay, players are introduced to simple sound effects as shapes are merged together. There’s no menu to speak of. I just open the game, tap to play and the board is displayed. There is no timer which allows players to take their time and figure out where to move the board next. Each try doesn’t take a long time and the game is designed to pass the time.

It’s important to note that after each try, ads pop up but players are given the option of skipping them after a couple of seconds.


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Download Shapeless:

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Shapeless Puzzle
Shapeless Puzzle
Developer: Roman Gangan
Price: Free

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