VR Theme Park Rides

This week we asked ScottishGeeks to take a look at VR Theme Park Rides from EnsenaSoft Games available now on Steam. We were hoping for a thrilling experience, all in beautiful virtual reality. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

VR Theme Park Rides

VR Theme Park Rides sounds like a fun idea right? I’m afraid not, this VR experience is a mess, with unusable controls, sub standard graphics, awful sound cues and of course you have to restart the game to leave a ride and choose another. Why this game was released in the state it is in and why they have the audacity to charge anyone for it is a mystery to me. Don’t believe me? watch the video for my first hand experience at this mess of a VR title.

Oh dear… we have a feeling Derek didn’t get on with this one at all. Here’s his review! 

Kris Wingfield-Bennett

Lead Marketer @ ANDi Games Ltd. Currently (still) playing Clash of Clans on iOS and Android as well enjoying Rolling Orange (Android) and Train Station (iOS). Check out www.kriswbennett.co.uk for freelance game reviews and features.

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