Spring comes to Tinseltown in Supermarket Mania Journey

Supermarket Mania

This beloved time management game is determined to leave all grocery store customers smiling this spring with an uplifting “Flower Festival” event.

Roll up your sleeves and inhale deeply as the “Spring Flower Festival” event is ready for you in Supermarket Mania Journey! Travel through 255 challenging levels in total with this new in-game time-limited event. Collect colorful butterflies, earn a spring avatar and help Nikki keep her stores stocked to the rafters in this nonstop update that will keep you bustling with spring fever!

So what’s new in the update?  Spring always brings something new and wonderful. This time it’s a lot of gifts and surprises in the fresh update of your favourite game Supermarket Mania Journey!

Spring Flower Festival Event: Collect butterflies to travel through 16 new levels on the colorful map and get the spring avatar, unique spring statuette, useful booster pack and other valuable items!
Bonus Paths: Complete additional levels in a row to get a cart full of prizes!
Game Centre Support: Earn achievements and let your friends join in on the fun.

Download Supermarket Mania Journey: 

Supermarket Mania® Journey
Supermarket Mania® Journey

Supermarket Mania is developed and published by G5 Games. for more information on G5 Games please visit http://www.g5e.com/ 

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