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For one week only, ending April 23, 2017, the riveting game Dark Arcana: The Carnival is free on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Dark Arcana The Carnival

In Dark Arcana: The Carnival, an enigmatic carnival comes to town, bringing an unsettling mystery with it. A young girl has gone missing, and now it’s up to you to find her before it’s too late! Begin by unraveling the dark legend surrounding a mystic mirror – the key to your fate and hers! Investigate two worlds: the one you live in and an alternate plane existing behind the carnival’s Hall of Mirrors. Discover the secret of an ancient being named the Evil One and learn the tragic story of one of the carnival’s employees, who accidentally killed his fiancée during a show many years ago. Explore picturesque yet terrifying locations and prevent the Evil One from perpetrating another terrible crime!

Key Features:

  • 48 enigmatic spine-tingling locations to visit
  • 18 hidden object scenes to search
  • 28 mini-games to tease your brain
  • 21 exciting achievements to rack up
  • Three difficulty modes to keep you guessing
  • Bonus chapter, strategy guide and extras

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Download Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Dark Arcana: The Carnival
Dark Arcana: The Carnival

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Dark Arcana: the Carnival
Dark Arcana: the Carnival
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Dark Arcana: The Carnival | ANDi Reviews | iOS and Android - May 2, 2017

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