Move over Scrabble because Crickle is taking over.

Crickle is a word puzzle app that you can play anywhere and by yourself. It was developed by Crickle Ltd, a game developer based in Oxford. The game is available on iOS, Android and Amazon for 99p but you can try before you buy with 15 free games.

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The game has a ‘How to play’ option that teaches players the basics. There’s also the option to link to social media like Facebook and Twitter. The most interesting part is that the game also has a leaderboard where players can see the top scores.

Players are given a letterbox with – letters and, from there, must create a word. You just drag and drop to the proper boxes. There are 16 levels in total that you have to create words and link them and each level is timed but it isn’t a countdown. The game times you on how long you take on a level. The objective is to create a float – matching the same letters in each level to progress to the next level. At the end of the game, your results are given. There is also a pause option in the game in case you have to take a quick break and give your mind time to catch up.

The graphics are serene but vibrant enough that it’s easy on the eyes. There’s no notable downside to the game. The only issue is when you can’t create any words to progress. While the game does gives you a method to get past that, it feels more like a punch in the face than a slap on the wrist for not thinking ahead. The punishment shouldn’t be that harsh.

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