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elcome to the new look ANDi Blog – we hope you like it! As well as a new look for the blog, we’ve also redesigned and relaunched If you haven’t already, get on over and take a look. We’d love to hear your feedback on both new sites.

In early 2017, we announced that ANDi Games Ltd had joined Wayra UK. This has been a fantastic boost, and since the 6th of February we’ve been settling in to our new office space in Soho, London. This has also included some activities with other Wayra UK Cohort Founders, including an afternoon at Pineapple Studio in London. 

Catch up with Ben & Sam below as they take you through some of the highlights of these past weeks including Mobile World Congress, 4YFN, dancing, new app features and what’s coming soon. 

 – Ben Woolf, CEO & Co-Founder – 

February was our most exciting month yet!

Back in January we launched an updated ANDi, and since then we’ve been hard at work testing our product with 100’s of new users. On February 6th, we started with Wayra UK and had an intensive week with Telefonica, learning and discussing what the next 10 months will look like. So far, we’ve been blown away with the help, guidance and support provided and we look forward to their assistance over the coming months.

We’ve also officially become members of both TIGA and Ukie. And, we’ve already had the opportunity to attend several events, including one on quality assurance. TIGA also invited us to speak at their ‘Growing A Games Studio’ event held in London. This was a great opportunity to meet and network with members of the UK game industry.

We also entered, and are now successfully in the finals of the ‘Business Concept Of The Year Award’ from my old university of Leeds Beckett. Though I am now alumni it was a pleasure to return to Leeds and pitch ANDi Games Ltd and the work we are doing. I think I may have learnt more from University than I realised!

Between the 27th February and 2nd March, I am in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and for the first time, 4YFN (4 Years From Now). Mobile World Congress is the largest event held annually in Barcelona, but is also the largest gathering of mobile companies in the entire world. From network operators, to phone, accessory and gadget manufacturers. Everyone involved in the mobile industry is here. Whilst in Barcelona I’ll be meeting and learning from a vast array of companies, new start-ups in IoT, Beacons, VR and mobile.

4YFN, Mobile World Congress, ANDi Games Ltd, ANDi

The start to 2017 and February is general has been amazing for myself and the team here at ANDi Games Ltd. We are setting the foundations for the future and cannot wait to share it with you.”

– Sam Koch, CTO & Co-Founder –

As with all technology start-ups, we had our fair share of bugs in February. Whilst Ben has been at 4YFN and Kris has been designing and developing our web presence, I’ve been on bug duty! Our Java server (hosted on the Google App Engine) was not playing well with Firebase, another Google service. Firebase was using too many background threads and this meant that we had to translate over 4000 lines of code to a Node.js server (also hosted with App Engine) where there would be no threading issue. It was quite the task, but we resolve the bugs and ANDi is now running as it should.

We’ve also introduced a new backend feature to ANDi. This is the ability to send notifications based on the actions of our users. We can now send push notification to recommend new games, find the best replacement for lesser used games, or even recommend a general app clean up. It’s something we’re really excited to see in people’s hands and hope to expand to offer game discounts, recommendations for the next game in a sequence and multiplayer stuff too.

We’ve got a lot of new and exciting features coming very soon, and we cannot wait to share them with you.”

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Kris Wingfield-Bennett

Lead Marketer @ ANDi Games Ltd. Currently (still) playing Clash of Clans on iOS and Android as well enjoying Rolling Orange (Android) and Train Station (iOS). Check out for freelance game reviews and features.

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