We are looking back at 2016’s Xbox One, free to play MMORPG; Neverwinter. A surprise smash hit, Neverwinter is a MMORPG set in a classic fantasy world where a large selection of races exist, magic is real and monsters roam the lands. You play as an adventurer who starts his adventure in a crashed ship.

Xbox One, Neverwinter, Review, Perfect World Europe, Cryptic Studios

The gameplay and mechanics for Neverwinter are just like your classic MMO. You have your standard basic attacks and abilities, as well as your super powerful ultimate technique. Nothing stands out with the combat, and it has been done better in MMO’s like Riders of Icarus or World of Warcraft. Unlike World of Warcraft, this game is still a free to play and the combat still moves and works well for a free game. Like most MMO’s the combat is still repetitive but that’s what eventually happens in these styles of games, it ends up being repetitive. Whether you continue to enjoy it or not will all depend what style of fighting you like.

When I was making my character, I chose a tiefling hunter because when I normally play games with a different selection of classes I normally choose a brawl-ly close range character so this time I thought I would switch it up by picking a hunter. When I was playing, it was very amusing, being able to hit things from a long distance without them having the ability to hit me back. In the first few dungeons that I fought in there was a lack of ranged characters which made it extremely easy to fight in these dungeons. Even though it was still fun to play in, it felt like it could have been more enjoyable with other people.

Another part of the gameplay is the character creation. With most MMO’s the character creation is very heavy and has a lot of aspects that you can customise. The character creation of Neverwinter does go down into a very detailed level it allows you to pick your race, class, customise the features of the races build, re-roll their ability score, choose their background and what deity they worship. Although it did take a large amount of time to customise I did enjoy it, allowing so many different unique aspects and control over what can be done with your character.

Xbox One, Neverwinter, Review, Perfect World Europe, Cryptic Studios

The story didn’t grab my attention, it honestly seemed like a standard story seen in most rpg’s. There were a few minimal differences that made me rise my eyebrows, but honestly apart from that it really was quite generic. In addition, the voice acting for the characters doesn’t seem too enthusiastic. There’s no “life” in the voices and thus the speaking didn’t really keep me interested because they didn’t put any life into the characters.

Now the action that I saw in the cutscenes was brilliant. The detail in the characters and the effects was really grasping. Although I wasn’t able to follow the story much, the opening cut scene was very good looking. In addition, the in-game graphics were above standard. The effects of the attacks really caught my eye and the models of the game were very good looking. The first big city was very well done too, it was generated a lot larger than expected. It surprised me to see how well the city looked

Neverwinter is a good game, the gameplay mechanics and graphics are fairly well made. However, I’ve never been a huge MMO fan, and most of them I played I haven’t enjoyed. This one was able to keep my attention for a while but I didn’t keep me too enticed with the story. Although, when it’s all said and done the gameplay was enjoyable and was fun to play. If you are a big fan of MMO’s or you are trying to get into to the genre give it a go, it would give you a good idea of what the game was like, however if you aren’t normally a fan of these types of games I would suggest avoiding this game. 

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