Defeat The Evil Demon Lord And Bring Peace To Your Kingdom In Wonder Knights 

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Mobile game developer and publisher Buff Studio is proud to announce the official launch of Wonder Knights now available as a free download from the iOS and Google Play digital app stores. Wonder Knights is a feature-rich vertical shooter challenging you to defeat an evil demon Lord who has brought chaos to your domain.

Suitable to fans of classic shooters and RPGs, play using auto-mode or by using a virtual gamepad, the game includes multiple modes of play featuring randomly generated stages and story-based stages of 4 maps with a total of 180 levels. Form a party of 3 heroes and train, promote and upgrade your characters for battle! By successfully clearing stages, you have access to cool rewards. Collect coins to summon valuable treasure chests containing extended playtime and other cool items. Wonder Knights comes with collectible heroes, a host of quests to complete and great achievements to obtain. With its many hero skills, various game modes, strategic team battle and powerful gear to collect and upgrade, this is a must-have in your game collection today. 

Wonder Knights is available for free on the iOS® & Google Play™ app stores.

Kris Wingfield-Bennett

Lead Marketer @ ANDi Games Ltd. Currently (still) playing Clash of Clans on iOS and Android as well enjoying Rolling Orange (Android) and Train Station (iOS). Check out for freelance game reviews and features.

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