3D mobile MMORPG Eternal Crusade is available for free from both the Google Play and Apple App Store. Players can choose to play either the English version or Chinese version arbitrarily in a same game app (that’s pretty cool!). In Eternal Crusade, you have to fight as Human, Elf and Dwarf to collect 27 magical rings. With the each ring, your power grows.  Use this new found power to save the world in an epic MMORPG. Today, Ujoy announced three more key features of Eternal Crusade, which aim to guide and help players understand the game better.

Equipment comes from raiding and free trade.

It’s a problem for a lot of gamers. You grind for hours and hours to get that new suit of armour just to see someone walk by you with it on, and 9/10 they’ve brought it using in-app purchases. Eternal Crusade hopes to remove this issue; players cannot buy any equipment from the official Eternal Crusade in-app store. All the equipment comes from killing bosses (grinding) and free trade among players. Equipment is dropped randomly by bosses within the game and they’ve also implemented a system that allows a player to get two of the same item. Meaning much, much more to go around.

Free trade and independent pricing are both supported in Market Place. Players can exchange their equipment and items with other players.

Using Wards in PVP battle.

Besides the Elf, Dwarf and other races within Eternal Crusade, you’ll want to look at Wards for any PVP you may wish to take part in. Wards come with various special skills and add a new level of exiting to Eternal Crusade. Use your unwanted equipment to upgrade your Wards unlocking new skills and increasing their power.


Offline Automatic Combat will save a lot of time for players.

Most players have two questions; 1) How do I level up quicker? and 2) how do I increase my combat power? Well have no fear, Eternal Crusade has an offline mode! This mode allows players to continue their MMORPG journey even when there is no WiFi/Data available. Simply log in the next time you can and submit your kills. Perfect for those long train commutes when you lose connection.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

About Eternal Crusade:
Eternal Crusade is a Magic Rings themed 3D Mobile MMORPG published by Ujoy. In Eternal Crusade, all the equipment can be obtained only from dungeons. Players’ get an exclusive Private Secretary who will remind them to do different kinds of tasks each day to improve their level and power. World Boss Challenges are open for 24 hours ensuring everyone can enjoy the fight! Free trade and independent pricing are supported within the games market eco-system. Like Eternal Crusade on Facebook.

About Ujoy:
Ujoy is a game developer and publisher specialising in free-to-play mobile games and giving players outstanding gaming experiences. Ujoy employ an in-house development team that work closely with other game designers to gain a wide appeal to players from Southeast Asia and other English Spoken countries. Ujoy’s growing portfolio includes hits like Loong Craft, Spririt of Fox Wonderland and Chaos Combat.

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