Norse-Punk Adventure Rok Coming to iPhone

Rok! A frail old man has been trapped for hundreds of years in a sprawling Norse prison of the future. The time has finally come for him to escape. Take command of formidable telekinetic abilities to bypass highly advanced security measures, carefully sneak past vicious cave-dwelling beasts, and fight your way through robotic Valkyrie sentinels.

ROK Features:
Delve into a deep, enthrallingg story chronicling power, fate, and the Gods themselves.
A mysterious voice guides you as you journey deeper into the caverns, and closer to the truth.
Intuitive one-touch control of powerful telekinetic abilities.
Encounter curious inhabitants of the subterranean system, including fearsome Trolls and robotic Valkyrie guards.
Gorgeous, sprawling low-poly environments to explore.
Localised versions available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.



About Stitch Games

Stitch Games is a three-person independent studio based in Oswestry, England.

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