Adage Games has just released the latest update for their innovative tower defense game.  Radar Warfare brings you into the world of high simulation warfare on the perfect screen of your phone or mobile device.  The game hosts waves of enemies as you select your weapons and battle through stages of combat. The intricate radar systems keeps you guessing so not stage is the same and you are in full power to launch attacks against the enemy.

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With the latest update Adage Games have added plenty of new boosters to help you build your arsenal. They have also added drag and release targeting which makes stages much more smooth and consistent.

If you’d like to build your weaponry faster take advantage of their daily missions and reward system. Adage Games even added a third graphics setting to increase your experience. That is not the only thing the team have increased, also raising the stakes to make rare consumable cards easier to win.

The time to get into Radar Warfare has never been better.

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About Radar Warfare:
Radar Warfare is a Tower Defense game with a unique radar scan mechanic. Half of the time, the scan reveals the enemy’s positions on the battlefield. The player has to select the appropriate weapon, predict the targets’ positions, speed, and directions (air and grounds units), and destroy them before they reach the base. By completing missions, the player can upgrade his weapons with credits to compete against the bosses challenges and in harder missions.

Radar Warfare sports 2 game modes, 6 unique weapons, 72 maps, 20+ different enemy’s units  both air and ground, 5 support consumables, and 6 difficulty levels at launch. Each weapon has 8 unique stats to upgrade, giving players a level of RPG in their Tower Defense as well.  Players can make In-App Purchases for Card Packs as well in order to gain ammunition, upgrades, and more. 

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