Disrupted Logic Interactive, developers of Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak, today announced the official release of the much anticipated Dead Corps 2; the action packed first person shooter that pits the player against legions of raging zombies.

“Beat ’em, stab ’em, shoot ’em or blow ’em up!  Dead Corps 2 is all about having fun, fun, and more FUN, all while killing zombies,” says Tom Raycove, Founder and CEO of Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc. “It’s completely paralysed my team. They just can’t stop playing. I’m afraid this game is going to cause a major workforce crisis with businesses being paralysed around the world.”

Disrupted Logic Interactive’s Dead Corps 2 follows the story of a top-secret virus code-named “H7” that caused a global crisis when it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public by a rogue government.  Dead Corps 2 picks up where Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak left off. It is an action packed, white-knuckle, first person zombie shooter game, where the goal is to shoot wave after wave of attacking, ferocious zombies whose ferocity increases with every new wave.  Players earn valuable in-game coins for every hit, pick-up, or zombie kill, and can use those coins to buy new guns, bullets, and special items.

All New Features include:
Free in-app store, gamers use gameplay points to buy weapons and upgrades
New and improved weapons
Every weapon is different and gives the player an entirely new gaming experience
New and improved zombies, they’re meaner, faster and much more challenging
New and improved easy to use controllers
Clean interface and design
Optimised for mobile

Uses the new ctalyst technology for an enhanced interactive gameplay experience.

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Disrupted Logic’s Dead Corps 2’s unique interactive gaming experience is driven by the world’s most advanced and powerful ad network technology, ctalyst™.  Dead Corps 2 players interact with branded posters, buttons, game props, and objects to play for free, earn valuable in-game rewards, and coupons for real world products.

Disrupted Logic Interactive would like to assure gamers that no zombies were hurt during the making of Dead Corps 2 and that all zombies in the game are professional stunt zombies.




About Disrupted Logic Interactive

At Disrupted Logic we are a passionate team of visionaries, computer scientists, artists, software engineers, technologists, media creators, and business professionals. We’re passionate about technology, and love what we do. Disrupted Logic Interactive specialises in entertainment and interactive technology development for globally connected desktop, mobile and smart devices. Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst™ is the next generation of advertising. It’s interactive, it’s social, it’s engaging, and it never interrupts or annoys the audience’s experience. ctalyst’s legacy is founded on a wealth of world-class entertainment experience and accomplishments in the motion picture, television, and video game industries.  It’s the world’s most advanced and powerful ad network technology.

For more information on Disrupted Logic Interactive and the ctalyst™ technology visit http://www.disruptedlogic.com, https://ctalyst.com or email info@disruptedlogic.com

Kris Wingfield-Bennett

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